Our secluded, intimate and tranquil getaways are shrouded by pristine jungles and majestic mountains

We specialize in tailor made adventure activities deep within the Knuckles Range and in the Dimbulagala mountain and Forest Reserve in the dry zone.

Discover the beauty of Sri Lanka with us

Adventures in Harmony with the environment. Explore the rugged terrain and experience the healing qualities of nature


Lace up your boots and hike up to the summits and discover the miracles of nature.

Bike Trails

Join us for daring bike rides in rugged mountain terrain and experience the thrill of a lifetime.


In the wilderness, under start lit skies with a roaring camp fire and wake up to majestic mountain views.

Spiritual Healing

Magical journey of inner healing and self discovery through nature.

Trirock Trails Forte

Our staff consist of highly trained individuals who are originally from Sri Lankan Special forces with their expertise in jungle survival skills ready to assist you throughout your stay with us. Our dedicated team is ready help you throughout your stay to get the best experience you could get in your vacation.

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Our Locations

From the higher elevations of the mist covered cloud forests to the open plains of the dry zone, you can experience the best of what Sri Lanka has to offer through us at Trirock Trails.
Experience the dry evergreen forests
Explore the spectacle of tropical rainforests
Soak yourself in the beauty of knuckles range

The new age of


Extraordinary Accommodations

Our unique accommodations go from luxury to minimalistic. Dumbanagala Chalet offers luxury living in an extraordinarily beautiful setting. Manigala Quest offers luxury camping surrounded by majestic mountains and beautifully terraced paddy fields. Hermit's Lair at Dimbulagala takes you into a forest reserve and shows you how to disconnect from material state and reconnect with nature and live harmoniously.


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